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Welcome to Decatur County Schools

 From the Desk of Branson Townsend:
  Thank you for visiting our website! As Director of  Schools, I encourage you to visit this website for timely  information related to the programs and  services provided by the Decatur County Board of  Education.  The Decatur County School System has  great leadership provided by supervisors, program  administrators, and principals.  We have a staff of  dedicated teachers and support staff who work  tirelessly with our students to help them achieve  their highest educational potential. The teachers care  about each individual student they serve and want  them to be successful. We continually strive to provide  opportunities for professional development design.
 AdvancEd conducted an external review of our school  system in November of 2014 for the purpose of  continued school and system accreditation. We have  been charged with completing an Accreditation Progress Report by December of this year. The report must address these five improvement priorities identified in the review.

  1. Create and engage in a systemic culture of shared leadership throughout the system.
  2. Develop and implement a comprehensive professional learning plan focused on the needs of professional and support staff in order to address the student learning targets and goals of the system.
  3. Establish and implement systematic processes to communicate with various stakeholders across the system
  4. Formulate a structure for collection, analysis, sharing and use of student academic and non-academic data that supports the system purpose.
  5. Implement a strategic planning process which engages all stakeholders in the regular review, monitoring and revision of the system’s purpose, continuous improvement efforts and achievement goals.

 According to the report creating processes to engage stakeholders in the strategic planning and continuous improvement efforts provides an avenue for systemic work. Shared leadership can then consistently support and encourage innovation, collaboration and rigorous professional growth across the district. When leaders deliberately and consistently align their decisions and actions toward continuous improvement to achieve the system’s purpose and allow for input from all stakeholders, a sense of community and ownership will exist. The importance of professional learning as part of the continuous improvement process also supports the need for a comprehensive approach to professional learning that is ongoing and part of the collaborative work across the system. The system and all of our schools must engage families in meaningful ways in their children's education and keep them informed of their children's learning progress.

  Please know that our focus is to strive each day to support this purpose and direction for the Decatur County School System.  For more information see the entire AdvancED External Review Report by clicking on the following link: AdvancED External Review Report

Branson Townsend
Director of Schools




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