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From the Desk of Dr. Michael Price:

Thank you for visiting our website! Decatur County has long been recognized as a great school district at the local and state level.

Decatur County students perform well on academic assessments, parents are involved in the learning process, and the local businesses and civic organizations provide outstanding support to our schools. I can honestly say that Decatur County and Decatur County Schools are both exceptional in their own unique ways. We are fortunate to have a great community where we can raise our children. These things and many more, make Decatur County a great place to live and learn!

As Director of Schools, I have worked diligently to manage the funds that are allocated for public education in Decatur County. A balanced budget has been presented to the Decatur County Commission for several years without the necessity of a property tax increase.

Decatur County School System has great leadership provided by supervisors and program administrators. We have a staff of dedicated teachers and support staff who works tirelessly with our students to help them achieve their highest educational potential. The teachers care about each individual student they serve and want them to be their best.

Decatur County School System has implemented programs from pre-kindergarten to high school-college dual credit to encourage students in their educational pursuits and to enhance the curriculum available to students. The focus of Decatur County Schools is student centered and data driven.

As stated earlier, community support is outstanding in Decatur County. Each citizen of Decatur County is a stakeholder in the Decatur County School System, and on behalf of the Decatur County Board of Education, I want to thank you for supporting our schools.

Michael J. Price

Director of Schools



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