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Decatur County Schools will advertise professional (teacher) and paraprofessional (assistant) vacancies on the school system website, as follows:  professional (teacher) positions for ten (10) days and paraprofessionals (assistants) for five (5) days in all school system departments.  If available, substitutes will be used during the posting time.  Jobs that become open after the start of the school year will be filled without posting.  The Interview Committee shall consist of a MINIMUM of the following positions: the supervisor or principal who requested the position be advertised and the Personnel Supervisor.  A standard set of questions shall be developed to ask ALL candidates interviewed for the available position.  Based on responses, follow-up questions are permissible.  Each member of the committee will maintain an evaluation sheet for each candidate and make notes through the interview process.  After all candidates have been interviewed, each committee member will rank those interviewed in order of “BEST FIT FOR THE JOB”.  Best fit criteria will consist of a combination of education, experience, evaluations, and responses to interview questions and other factors that the committee members feel are relative based on the member’s professional judgment and experience.  After the interview is complete, the committee will discuss their ranking among themselves. If all members are in agreement on the “Best Fit” candidate, the Personnel Supervisor will submit that candidate’s name to the Director of Schools for employment.  If the committee cannot agree on the “Best Fit” candidate, the top two (2) candidate names will be submitted to the Director of Schools and the Director will interview both candidates and select the candidate to be hired (if appropriate) or reject both candidates and direct that other candidates be interviewed.


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Plan for Hiring Teachers working with English Learners

Thank you for choosing employment with the Decatur County School System.  You may apply for Certified or Noncertified positions by clicking on the appropriate links below.  Certified positions include teachers and/or administrators while Noncertified positions include teacher assistants, substitute teachers, secretary/bookkeepers, cafeteria staff, custodians, and maintenance staff.  Please bring or mail your completed application to our office located at the address below.  If further assistance is needed, please call (731) 852-2391.






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