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Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²)

What is RTI²?

RTI (response to intervention) is a multi-tiered delivery system that uses a data-driven problem-solving model to identify specific student needs and match appropriate instructional strategies.   RTI² is Tennessee’s version of RTI which includes enrichment or intervention as needed and determined by a universal screener.

The RTI² framework has three tiers.  Each tier provides differing levels of support.

•             In Tier I, all students receive researched-based, high quality, general education instruction that incorporates ongoing universal screening and assessment to inform instruction.  The universal screener is skill based (as opposed to standards based) and provides national norms.  Students will be screened three times a year (beginning, middle and end of the school year) in fundamental reading and math skills.  This tier is standards based.

•             In Tier II, interventions are implemented when assessment indicates that a student is not making adequate gains from Tier I instruction alone.  In addition to Tier I instruction, students are provided small group interventions designed to meet their specific needs.  These students are progress monitored weekly or every other week using a tool that is sensitive to measuring changes in the student’s individual skills.  This tier is skill based.

•             In Tier III, more intensive interventions are provided to students who have not made significant progress in Tier II, who are 1.5 grade levels behind, or who are below the 10th percentile of national norm test according to the universal screener.  These students are also progress monitored every other week using a tool that is sensitive to measuring changes in the student’s individual skills.  These students will receive Tier I instruction also.  This tier is also skill based.

•             Parents will receive notification if their child is in need of Tier II or Tier III instruction.  Parents will also receive notification if their child has responded to intervention and no longer needs Tier II or Tier III instruction.
•             Students who do not respond to Tier III instruction may be referred to Special Education.  Parental consent must be obtained prior to testing for Special Education.

•             Students who do not receive instruction in Tier II, III or Special Education will receive enrichment activities (instruction) in the general education classroom.

•             This method of identifying students with a Specific Learning Disability was passed by the State Board of Education on March 19, 2013.  It will take effect for grades K-5 in the 2014-15 school year and grades 6-8 in 2015-16 and in high school in 2016-17.



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