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Decatur County Pre-K Program

Pre-K Parent Activity Schedule  

Click here for the agenda for Pre-K Parent Activity Night on 1-12-17


The Decatur County Pre-k Program provides an educational program that integrates hands-on learning and activities into the curriculum.  Our classrooms will offer a variety of activities to promote the develop language, literacy, writing and math skills, physical and social emotional skills in various domains to form foundation for success in school.


  • Develop necessary language skills.  This will help with cognition, understanding spoken language to communicate and solve problems and develop early literacy skills.
  • Establish relationships with other children and adults.  This encourages friendships, cooperation with others, and learning social skills and rules that will help them as they get older.
  • Demonstrate confidence and independence.
  • Promote physical development of fine motor and gross motor skills (small and large muscles).  This helps children recognize the importance of healthy lifestyles.
  • Develop early literacy skills.  This lays the foundation for reading and writing.
  • Develop math skills. Children will gain an understanding of numbers, shapes, quantities, sequencing, time, patterns and problem solving.
  • Develop science skills.  Hand-on activities will help children explore their senses; understand movement, weight, volume, and where they and animals live.
  • Understand social studies concepts.  Children will gain a sense of their role in being a family member, discover how they are alike and different, learn how to get along and share responsibilities, follow rules and cooperate.  They will also become aware of people in their community such as policeman, firefighter, doctor, etc…
  • Explore the creative arts.  Understand that they can be creative through art, music and dance.  They can imitate “real-life” through dramatic play by taking on roles of people in their life.




The Decatur County Pre-k Program provides a hands-on curriculum and experiences to ensure success of each child in the areas of language, academic, sensory and socialization skills.  The Pre-k program goals are to:


  • Engage and inform parents
  • Encourage effective communication between parents and the teacher
  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum that fosters a child’s ability to learn in all content areas and build language and social skills required to be successful in the classroom and outside the classroom
  • Promote positive  relationships with peers and adults
  • Align program and assessments with the Tennessee Early Childhood Learning Standards


Admission Requirements 

  • Birth Certificate or acceptable proof of age - (Tennessee Office of Vital Records)
  • Immunization (shot record) must be up-to-date and on a Tennessee Certificate of Immunization Form - See new immunization requirements below
  • Physical (within 12 months of school starting)
  • Proof of Residency (current utility bill, lease, etc.) must be resident of Davidson County
  • Social Security Card or Number (optional)
  • Proof of Income (1040 form on which child name is listed, Family First Case Number, Food Stamp Number, etc.)
  • Assessment (scheduled by the school)

Note: Your child must be 4 years old on or before August 15th of the current school year in order to be eligible for Pre-Kindergarten.


Contact Information

Amy Clenney, Pre-K Director

Decatur County Board of Education

59 West Main Street

Decaturville, Tennessee  38329



Learning Center

Kristy Funderburk, Teacher

Angela Inman, Teacher

Michelle Haggard, Teacher Assistant

Janie Ray, Teacher Assistant

Glenda Scott, Teacher Assistant


Decaturville Elementary

Stephanie Evans, Teacher

Justin Kelley, Teacher

Selena Parrish, Teacher Assistant

Colleen Livingston, Teacher Assistant



Contact Information:

Decatur County Board of Education

Branson Townsend, Director

59 W. Main Street, P.O. Box 369

Decaturville, TN 38329

email: [email protected]

Phone: (731) 852-2391

Fax: (731) 852-2960